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Hi there, I'm testing.


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Also Bill McGibben's visit - two opportunities to hear and talk with him:

1. On Saturday 2nd May 6-10pm in the Raglan Town Hall an eclectic mix of speakers put forward the case for re-localising Whaingaroa. “Why localise Whaingaroa?” is the question and we will be treated with perspectives from educators, food growers, Tangata Whenua, local business folk and protectors of our environment. There will be music and food and we will connect with members of our community that we never thought we had anything in common with.

Special guest speaker Bill Mckibben is a best selling author, climate activist and educator. McKibbens latest book ‘Deep Economy’ argues not only the benefits but also the necessities of moving to a more localised economy. McKibben is currently on a whirlwind tour of NZ’s main cities promoting, a movement that he founded to muster support for a global day of climate action in the lead up to December’s international climate negotiations in Copenhagen. Somehow we have the opportunity to have him share his knowledge with little old Raglan for a night. Check out and

Don’t miss it, the fun starts at 6pm, bring a plate of food to share. Entry by gold coin Koha.


2. Cafe Strata meeting with Bill McGibben at 11am, Sunday 3rd May

Visit the farmers' market and then walk on down the road to Strata cafe in the Anglesea Clinic complex - we have booked tables, so if you have not already replied but would like to come, please let Katherine know 839 4452. 


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The third post

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